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September 27, 2017
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Don’t we all like to get a bit trendy and spice up our life? This implies to foods also! But here is the trick I am gonna share with you! Did you know that you actually EAT LESS food if it has spices. Think about it as if the you are hungry and have cravings and here is your meal served up with awesome taste and flavor. So, spices are the BEST way to add taste to foods without ADDING extra calories. Yesss! Also, when dieting, sticking to lean protein diets, etc. one of the main reasons you do not sustain is because your food is SO BLEND. So spice it up and get happy about your nutrition and digestion.

Here is a cheat sheet for ya:

This yellow powdery spice helps your body burn fat, as it causes your body to increase the overall heat thus creating the boost in your metabolism. That’s why this spice is also knows as “warming spice”.

FOOD TIP: Try adding turmeric to soups or stews or sprinkle over roasted veggies or nuts.

You probably thinking pumpkin lattes and holidays around the corner. Well, guys, cinnamon can benefit all year around. Cinnamon can also help you increase your metabolism and control blood sugar by stimulating insulin production. Oh, and think of craving suppression also! In addition to this beneficial mix, cinnamon serves as a digestive catalyst and ensures your stomach functions smoothly. So indulge in cinnamon sprinkled oatmeal!

FOOD TIP: Add it to your plain yogurt, tea, coffee, oatmeal and porridge, cottage cheese, fruit cups and… meat rubs! Believe it or not – tastes so good!

It is your best friend when it comes to improving digestion, burning fat and curbing appetite at the same time! However, the main benefit of ginger is that it helps to control blood sugar after a carbs/sugar rich meal. So how about having some ginger tea after dinner?

FOOD TIP: Try adding fresh flakes to fruit cups, smoothies. Use powder or grated ginger to add it to stir-fries, fish rubs and TEA!

Like turmeric, ginger and chili, black pepper help us burn fat and speed up your metabolism due to overall body temperature increase. Has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. HERE is the BEST one: prevents formation of new fat cells! How about that, guys?

FOOD TIPS: Anything! I even heard they add black pepper to ice cream now!

Your remedy to increase iron levels and metabolism (especially when used in curry spice blends)!

FOOD TIPS: Add it to anything from curries and stews to soups and marinades.

You know both significantly raise the overall body temperature. Have you ever had a flash all of a sudden in a restaurant when eating foods rich on these spices? Both spices, being metabolic boosters help increase fat burning ability by 25%.

FOOD TIPS: dips, spreads, rubs, soups (especially when you are sick – it will help clean out your sinuses), roasted nuts.

Another great example of thermogenic spice that will increase body temperature thus boosting your metabolism.

FOOD TIPS: Curry, tea, coffee, pastries (just in case LOL)

Not your typical spice, as it is high in fat actually…. However here is a good thing – due to its high fat content, it will make you feel full and due to its spice, metabolic rate will increase up to 25% for the next 3 hours after you had the meal with mustard. So enjoy!

FOOD TIPS: Add it to meats and fish as marinade or rubs. Use on cooked meats as well!

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