• Emma Hua, Store Manager
    I've invited Katia a few times to support the brand as she extended her generosity to provid my clients with complementary classes at our store & company events. Per my acquaint with Katia, she is a very upbeat, energetic, and a professional trainer. She wanted nothing less then for her students to be motivated and excited for their new healthy and fit journey. Katia's turbo kick class is upbeat, you will never be bored and won't even notice the time, because you're having fun. Katia's methods will help lose this stubborn fat. If you're planning on booking Katia for an event, be prepared to sweat and feel the burn after!  
    Emma Hua, Store Manager
    Lorna Jane, Westfield Valley Fair.
  • Stephanie McLean
    A ball of energy, with infectious enthusiasm, Katia Kita brings enthusiasm to both her presentations and workouts. She's a pleasure to work with, expecting great things from Katia.
    Stephanie McLean
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