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Online dating is hard enough without having to worry about all that weight you are going to put on going out for dinner all the time, isn’t it? Because we all know that unlike Hollywood movies, we are not going to get lucky and meet the man of our dreams instantly. As they say, you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince and surely, you don’t want be a chubby version of yourself when you finally do stumble upon Mr. Right. Or should we say he stumbles upon you…. When you are turning into a frog? LOL. Here are my tips on HEALTHY dating.

For a first date, pick a location wisely. If you are going to meet over coffee, pick a low calorie drink like the Starbucks Skimmed Milk Café Latte or say “no” to  the whipped cream on your hot chocolate. (Yes! Even small changes help over time).

If things progress to date #2 or #3, think outside the box! How about:

  1.       Going for a hike/walk

We live in an amazing city with no shortage of trails and urban hikes. If you are in San Francisco, you can walk up to Coit Tower, hike up Twin Peaks, walk through Golden Gate Park, walk by the water on the Embarcadero or if you (and your date) are the super adventurous kind, you can check out one of these Bay Area Trails. You can make these hikes as short or as long as you want.

  1.       Indoor Rock Climbing

Planet Granite is one of the top locations for Indoor Rock climbing but you are just one google search away from finding something in your neighborhood. This is a great date idea as it’s fun and interactive. Plus you get to test each other for that ground support as one of you climbs up. You will learn new skills, stay active and not have any awkward silences, unlike dinner conversations. Win-Win!

  1.       Go Dancing!

Before you start to imagine sweaty and shady night clubs. Stop! You don’t have to suffer through that if it’s not your thing (If it is, then by all means go dance the calories off!). You can simply enjoy dancing or take a dancing lesson at a classical dance studio with a nice and welcoming ambiance.. Of course, this activity only applies if both of you actually like to shake a leg. Check out the many music festivals the city has to offer or take a small group Salsa dance class where you learn a new dance and get to be comfortable with each other at the same time. If dancing is a passion, then may I suggest a 1:1 private class.

  1.       Own Dogs?

Are you a dog lover/owner? Did you totally luck out and meet someone who has the cutest dog you have ever met? Perhaps that was the introduction sentence Mr. Right dropped to start the conversation telling you what a cutie you’ve got on a leash? Take your dogs for a walk together! Sure, it’s not as aerobic as the other activities, but sure beats sitting in a movie theater for two hours jamming on that popcorn! Also, you can make it into a high calorie burning activity – run with your dogs!

  1.       Play video games

That just doesn’t sound right, now does it? But hear me out. Say you have been dating for a month or two and are ready to invite your date over for dinner. Borrow a Wii from a friend if you don’t already have one. Have a round of the Wii tennis or dance games before you serve dinner. See! You can have a healthy date at home too. And it is FUN!

  1.       Pokemon!

I can’t believe I am recommending this one but if you (and your date) are in the Pokémon craze this is the perfect activity for you! Go to your local park or where else these creepy, crawling things (Can you tell I don’t pay the game?) are found and walk around hunting Pokémon.

Did any of these ideas work for you? What surprised you? Did you have fun? Let me know!


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