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Saturday, August 26, 2017…. This was the day of AWESOMENESS! This was the day I will remember for life!

It was my first preview for Ge.Reinvented fitness program that I hosted in San Francisco Bay Area at BMI Fitness. Special thanks for this facility for accommodating this event.

A full year of developing this amazing product, months of planning for this preview fitness party and collaborating with vendors, days of ordering supplies and food…. Hours of anticipation and here I was ready as I can possibly be! The in-laws flew in for a week to help with prepping, setup and their grand daughter while mommy was so busy. God bless them!

Looking back at it now I think I was so calm and EAGER! Like “give me a stadium arena to preach to” ready! Branding does not just apply to apparel choice, but how about nails? Ha ha

More people came than anticipated and we had a FULL HOUSE! I love maxed out classes and got used to this. Therefore, no fear, no stress, just anxiety to get my energy out to the surface finally! The initial step was my intro speech on who I was and how/why Get.Reinvented was born. I tried to inject some humor into the “talk” to entertain my audience and keep them engaged. Hope it worked out!

Part of the “difficult” stuff in my job is networking, collaborations and meeting the right people. It is super rewarding to be surrounded by talented creators who care and love their professions as much as I love mine! The crew I had at the event was simply awesome and they made it all possible that day!

For starters Maria Sotnikova, one of my fit crew girls who filmed with me in the videos, was present to rock the stage together! Love her smiles and “give it to me” attitude!

The DJ was simply on fire and played a set of non-stop music from my online program! Thank you, Shaan of Bump City Press.

The official photographer of the event was Olga of Olga Vinokurova Photography. This is where a creative eye meets talent.

My videographer was a master of her lens! Big shoutout to Sitora Kamilova, the girl who is still in cinematography school and who drove so far to record this event! Feel free to get the FULL inside look here.

So after my speech we went to LIVE training and OMG did we all loooove it! We sweat, we shouted, we burnt those calories! I have to say that the LIVE DJ and music played right there makes all the difference. It creates a special vibe, like you are at a true party and you are having fun. My approach to fitness and to Get.Reinvented is FUN! You see, when you have FUN working out, you will MORE likely stay on the program, on the nutrition plan and not feel tired or exhausted. You end up building a habit for regular exercising and eating clean. Check out how much fun we had that day!

The photo banner made the party so memorable by giving us many photos that stand out!! Truly speaking I was a bit worried ordering it online, on Etsy, as you do not see the product, cannot really feel the fabric. But one thing I can say for sure – was I impressed! Here is the link to the manufacturer where I ordered this cool banner. Oh, and it also came with a stand and a portable case!

After such an intensive workout followed by photos we had to EAT! I ordered various mix and match recipes from Eat.Reinvented nutrition plan to be catered to the event. Yum!

To top it off at the end of the fitness party we had a blast meeting the industry vendors who relate to wellness, fitness, beauty and healthy lifestyle. I could not be happier for the selection of these wonderful providers and business owners who came together to support Get.Reinvented prelaunch party. Here are the amazing companies and vendors, including Lorna Jane, Atlier VertexLocal Foodz, Belleza Day Spa, Skies Azul, Beautifly and more!

What can I say to summarize the day full of emotions, smiles and the best vibes ever?? I am thankful for stand where I stand today; happy to have met people who crossed my path and made it all possible. I am very proud to be considered a leader and a fitness trainer who people look up to and want to train with! Here is to more awesome times and city tours in the future!

The official release of Get.Reinvented to public is scheduled for January 2018. Be on a lookout and follow me on social media to stay updated: Instagram and Facebook Mega raffles and prizes soon to come!


Katia KITA

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