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We heard of it, we read about it, we passed these shops on the street, we may have even tried a sample at a mall… But there is always this cloud of grey surrounding cold-pressed juicing … How healthy is it? Does it offer more benefits or does it do any harm? What is it really?

So I am here to share MY EXPERIENCE – keep on reading if you want to know! To keep it enticing let me just tell you some numbers: 72 hours – 18 juice bottles – 2 hour window during the day. I will come back to this later. Make your bet: did I survive? LOL

It started with me running into the owner of Origins Juicery at one of the fitness events and getting to know a bit about this company. Being a fresh graduate from San Jose State, Leo Lopez decided to launch this healthy joint right downtown San Jose to make the lives of many better and healthy! I loved the idea and loved the taste and the fact that no sugar and no artificial ingredients are being added to the cold pressed juices his store offers. The decision was made: 3 day juicing cleanse was in ORDER! Easy! I had to try it. And not just the juice, but the entire journey through the juicing cleanse. It sounded so tempting just by reading just the names of these creations: Smooth Operator, C3, Max-Potion, Coco-Joe!

First I had to choose from 3 levels of cleansing. Basically each level is different in the way the juices are staggered in progression throughout the day: level 1 being for beginners and level 3 fitting advanced juice diggers. Juices were ordered and I was set to start on Thursday.

Before I go on with the story let me tell you a few reasons why I decided to go on this path. This spring has taken its toll with all the colds, flu and chills. I was done! The last straw was bronchitis that I have been battling for 4 weeks. I am a natural athlete and my body responds best to natural stuff also, not meds. Thank you! In addition, that Sunday I had a fitness photo shoot scheduled and wanted to step up my game and get a bit ripped 😉 And the last reason, of course, I had to be in trend and dive into this experience that is new on the market to be the first hand source!

My Thursday started with Lemons of Wrath… You wonder what it is? I did too…

After the first sip I understood right away why this name was in order (and what a cool name, by the way!) Think cayenne pepper! Aha! Oh, boy, did it add a great kick to the lemon juice. Need to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. First liquid food of the day with cayenne pepper and no pain in my stomach, but actually a nice aftertaste. I think the name of the product plays a huge role in marketing success and Origins Juicery certainly nailed it! The names of the juices are so cool and you actually end up wanting to try the next one sooner than 2 hours are up.

Oh, yeah, what about the 2 hour rule? You have 6 bottles of goodness to get you through the day and you are supposed to have 1 bottle every 2 hours. You are probably thinking “oh, hell, no! I am not crazy!”, but it is actually enough. I was surprised myself. It is all about WILL POWER and a strong desire that is driving you to the end goal. Another tip that I can give is KEEP BUSY! The busier you are the faster time flies and the easier it will be to distract from real food.

On my first day it was a bit hard to sustain the desire for liquid cocktails all day. But I did it and the second day was way easier! You get used to the taste and the texture! All of the juices have a certain kick to each and it really gives you an unexpected taste.

Nuts and small veggie snacks like celery sticks or cucumber slices are okay to consume while on the juicing experience.

Keep in mind that the hardest part probably is the prep work you have to do to get your body ready for this journey. Usually such preparation includes drinking plenty of water and liquid foods (soups, teas) at least 3 days prior to juicing; avoiding alcohol, avoiding hard processed foods and PORTION control! You need to get your stomach in shape LOL for what’s coming. Train yourself to eat less.

After the cleanse you should continue to drink plenty of water and smoothies to keep your acidity level low and gradually return to consuming animal protein and other hard processed foods.

This is me happy and smiling! I did it! I conquered yet another challenge. 3 days, 18 bottles and I should get a medal for this commitment! You can do this too!

Benefits of such juicing cleanse are:

– lessening the load on your digestive system by cutting out refined sugars, processed foods, dairy, and meat from your diet while at the same time increasing your intake of unprocessed, raw food in the form of concentrated cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice

– it is recommended to have 2 cups of fruit daily. Variety matters! Think how MUCH time you save when various fruits meet the veggies in 1 juice bottle?? Juicing is a good idea because you have the ability to concentrate the nutrients into a cup. When juice is fresh, all the enzymes and nutrients are available and the fresh fruit or vegetable in its juiced form is more digestible.

– assistance with weight loss regimens because you will naturally be at a caloric deficit at the end of each day and low in the carbs department

– clearing out your guts from all the toxins and flushing out your system.

Now onto one downside of juicing (or what could be considered as a downside, if not done properly):

Juicing can often involve too much fruit. Fruit is naturally high in fructose (fruit sugar) and can promote weight gain and elevate triglycerides if consumed in excess. When juicing, we should focus more on vegetables that naturally contain lower fructose content. So to avoid this combine three parts vegetable to one part fruit. Instead of a high sugar juice blend such as raspberry/strawberry/pineapple/orange, try strawberry/spinach/carrot/celery instead. It won’t be as sweet, but it will be much lower in sugar and calories.

Happy Juicing! If you are local, check out Origins Juicery at 150 S. First Street Ste.103, San Jose, CA, 95116

P.S. And do not forget to consult with your physician if you are planning to go on such diet and if you have any contradictions.

Katia KITA 

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